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Buckhaven Bowling Club
Club Crest



Opening Day 1891


A brief history of our club


On Saturday the 26th of September 1891, the green at Buckhaven was officially opened. The Reverend William Dunlop made a short speech and handed Mrs Cairns and Mrs Thomson two silver mounted bowls, which were set off by the two Ladies amidst cheers. Mr David Cairns and Mr Henry Thomson set off the bowls from the other end, and a game was played by the Reverend McGhie and Reverend Dunlop. A cake and wine banquet followed. There was a large number of people both inside and outside the bowling green. Buckhaven now has an excellent place for harmless sport.

(Taken from the Fife Free Press, 3rd October 1891).

Some other interesting information.

Although Buckhaven Bowling Club started in 1891, it wasn't until the 8th of February 1897 that the land was purchased from the Wemyss Estate. The exact size of the land was 145ft 6ins x 175ft 6ins. They made a few rules regarding the purchase which may look stupid to us now, but these rules were probably to safeguard existing businesses. The rules were that the said ground was not to be used for the making of candle tallow, glue or any chemical preparation whatsoever, or for the burning bricks or lime, or for boiler-making, or for a steam engine or a slaughterhouse. The silver mounted bowls that opened our bowling Club in 1891, are on display in the Clubhouse along with the centenary book.

Our bowling Club was Instituted by the Reverend William Dunlop in 1891

Our bowling Club was Instituted by the Reverend William Dunlop in 1891

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