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Club Looking Good with New Lounge 2014


We are delighted to announce that Awards For All and Fife Council have giving us grants of £7,500 and £4,500 respectively, which has now enabled us to renovate the outdoor space and install ramps and easy access both onto the green and into the clubhouse. not only will this help disabled members, but a lot of our older members as well.

Anyone out in the community who is disabled and is looking to try a sport, why not come and try bowls. It's fun and healthy for you, being out in the fresh air. you will find a warm welcome at Buckhaven.

By Lori Cormack Community Reporter lori.cormack@jpress.co.uk


Buckhaven Bowling Club has plenty to celebrate after receiving over £9000 worth of funding which has resulted in a brand new lounge. The club was given the funding - £9165 - by national awards scheme Awards for All after submitting an application last August. The refurbished lounge signals somewhat of a new beginning for the club, which is looking to attract more young people to engage with the popular pastime. David Duffy, Club Secretary, is delighted with the results. He said: "We would like to thank Awards for All for giving us the full amount that we asked for. It has allowed us to install new carpets, re-upholstered seating with fire-resistant foam, 12 new table tops and two new fire resistant doors.

He added: We hope the new lounge will benefit every member of the club, making it feel more welcoming and comfortable and hopefully encouraging new members to enjoy bowling and have fun. A lot of people have misconceptions that bowls is an old man's game, but it is hugely popular in Scotland and we want to show people that. The club has always had a strong connection with the local community and, last year, the coaches visited local schools in a bid to get children involved with bowls. We want to encourage kids to get involved with sport. There's not much to do in Levenmouth, but the kids can come here for free and we will do our best for them."

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